British army officers believed that religious thinking had led the colonies to war in the first place. The 2001 population census figure for Great Britain was 71.8 per cent, using question-wording in England and Wales which some regard as ‘leading’. The equivalent 2008 BSA figure was 49.8 per cent. 12, with their Feldprediger. Registered in England No.

Only a chaplaincy for Catholics existed, but the army regulations indicate that: "Religion is something you should never speak about. Normally, those joining up are required to have five-year UK residency, but a limited waiver of the criteria could see a larger intake from non-Christian Commonwealth nations such as India - which is mostly Hindu - and Bangladesh - which is mostly Muslim. Charity Registered in England No. [28], In summary: despite being "the age of reason,". An observer noted of a Prussian regiment at prayer: "you could imagine nothing more elevating than to see this band of heroes, who make provinces and kingdoms tremble, bow down before the Almighty. ": The Von Bose Regi... "In what a bad condition I found the Regiment Prin... "They Fight all Day and Dance all Night! Jean-Paul Bertaud asserts that in both cases, "Chaplains were not able to halt the de-Christianization of the armies."[15]. These proportions could shift in the coming months, as the Armed Forces has recently opened its doors to 1,350 new Commonwealth citizens per year, prompted by ethnic diversity targets for 2020. Company Limited by Guarantee. [16] The Austrian chaplains "exercised a considerable moral authority over officer and man alike." Colonel of the Brunswick Prinz Friedrich Regiment, Christian Julius Prätorius, allowed his Catholic soldiers to attend mass separately from the rest of his men. British army officers believed that religious thinking had led the colonies to war in the first place.

[12] Especially during the early war, religion mattered a great deal to the Continental Army. The RLS surveys more than 35,000 Americans from all 50 states about their religious affiliations, beliefs and practices, and social and political views. With the caveat that religiosity and belief varied greatly from army to army, we can safely say that, The Armies of the Great Northern War: Sweden and Russia. Of course, the two sets of data are not entirely compatible.
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