Most RDS radios can receive short messages which might include information about the presenter, station or programme you are listening to. Programme Type (PTY) TMC data is decoded by matching event and location codes against look-up tables of phrases and locations. The information will usually scroll across the display on a home tuner, but this could be distracting to a driver in a car, so the RadioTEXT message in a car hi-fi does not scroll. Transmitted content consist mainly of static information – roadworks and closures.

An RDS radio will retune to a different frequency when the current signal becomes too weak, assuming an alternative frequency is available for the station. There are several Programme Types. These include NEWS, CURRENT AFFAIRS, INFO (information), SPORT, EDUCATION, DRAMA, CULTURE, SCIENCE, POP MUSIC, ROCK MUSIC, MOR (middle of the road), LIGHT MUSIC (light classical music), OTHER MUSIC, CLASSICS (more 'serious' classical music) and VARIED (speech and/or music).

For example, BBC Radio 1's RadioTEXT always gives information about the presenter and programme e.g. For example, Bristol's Star 107.2 sets its programme type (PTY) to VARIED all the time. The service is available via Sentra FM. RDS complements "do not disturb" and other usage-blocking features on mobile phones, such as recent enhancements in Apple's iPhone and similar features in Android phones. So GPS-based systems are more precise, but are not necessarily more accurate. For example, BBC Radio 1's RadioTEXT always gives information about the presenter and programme e.g. Further information

For example, when travelling through Oxford whilst BBC Radio 2 is tuned-in, the radio will switch to BBC Radio Oxford for any travel bulletins, with the TA function switched on. The service is built on more than 100 different sources, processed automatically (Floating Car Data) or manually by operators in Mediamobile Traffic Information Centre based in Warsaw.
While a proportion of the RDS datastream is used to provide programme and contact information for Classic FM, a small amount is classed as an "Additional Services Licence". The radio will then scan the dial to look for the programme type selected. Traffic Message Channel (TMC) is a technology for delivering traffic and travel information to motor vehicle drivers.
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